The Pepperdata dashboard provides a single view of all Amazon EMR cluster performance data even after the cluster terminates, so ultimately you can run more jobs, faster and at a lower cost. Start using Pepperdata for EMR free through December 31, 2016 and experience:

  • Faster troubleshooting for DevOps teams.
  • One-line config change to activate and run.
  • One-click access to historical runs, for same-job comparison.

Customer improves Amazon EMR performance 4X.

Watch our webinar case study and hear how one customer got unprecedented visibility into their Amazon EMR cluster and 4X performance improvement by using Pepperdata for EMR.

Some benefits of using Pepperdata for Amazon EMR:

300+ metrics collected every few seconds. Build insights, reduce costs.

Current and historical views of job performance, before and after cluster terminated.

One-line config change to activate and run

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