A recent study of Hadoop administrators found that troubleshooting is one of their top 3 challenges. Traditional monitoring tools don't offer the level of granularity required to drill down to the root cause of performance issues.

Pepperdata software provides second-by-second visibility into CPU, memory, disk, and network across the entire cluster to help troubleshoot even the toughest performance problems. Now with our new Insights program you can get immediate access to the full power of our software for 30 days and immediately begin saving time and money.

Customer cuts troubleshooting time from months to hours with Pepperdata

Register for our webinar and see how Wellcentive put an end to 6 months of troubleshooting woes by installing Pepperdata, quickly identifying the root cause of job failures.

Pepperdata Insights Service gives you:

30-day license to industry’s most advanced Hadoop troubleshooting software.

Simple-to-use dashboard with visibility over CPU, memory, disk, and network.

Detailed diagnostics report into your cluster’s activity, and recommendations for performance improvements.

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