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Taneja Group Gives Gold Star to Pepperdata's Adaptive Performance Management for Hadoop 

No one doubts that big data represents a huge business opportunity. Organizations of every size can benefit from improving the processes to capture, create, or identify bigger data. But the gap between business vision and the technology tool kit to facilitate can be a wide gulf. Even the most advanced Hadoop users struggle with daily issues such as resource contention, troubleshooting blind spots, multi-tenancy and multi-workload complexity, and SLA enforcement. The existing Hadoop tools in the ecosystem today fall short of being able to maximize resource utilization while the jobs are running. But Pepperdata can.

Taneja Group analyst Mike Matchett and his team took a look at Pepperdata, and this paper summarizes their findings. As big data applications and new use cases emerge, Pepperdata is a must-have on your Hadoop deployment checklist. Pepperdata's real-time optimization software is the only solution which can improve cluster performance, guarantee SLAs on critical applications and workloads, and take the headache out of the Hadoop administrator's day.